Zululand South Africa Raid

Peter Huysamen of ZBA Racing has organized a fantastic raid in the green hills of Eshowe, Zululand South Africa, what a wonderful scenery that is! Peter is a very experienced enduro rider (he was second in the South African enduro championship, after his good friend Alfie Cox).  Peter showed me all the steep hills in the area, with surfaces of grass, mud and stones. I didn’t know South Africa was so green, it showered all day, but it was warm enough so it didn’t bother me al all. We also visited Shakaland for a coffee…  The bike was a rental, nice and light bike for these conditions. I couldn’t have done this with my 690. The BMW is extremely good in hill climbing due to the rotation of the crankshaft, but with a 52 rear sprocket it didn’t feel very powerful.

I enjoyed every second of this trip, go experience it yourself!