Dresden-Breslau Rally 2010:

A bivouac of a thousand people travelling from Dresden to Wroclaw(Breslau in German) in 8 days. Lorries, 4×4’s and just over a hundred motorbikes attended to this event. I took part in a Rally team with three drivers and an assistance Van with chauffer. During the rally the bivouac was often moved to a new location and therefore you can’t do it without a service Van or truck. The 2010 rally was dry, meaning it was easier than the previous years. Whilst the dry tracks, the Breslau is famous for its wade through waters, a lot of them are deeper than what your bike can cope with.. Photographers are “helpful” with tips how you will end up in the deepest part of the water (so they are guaranteed with action, be aware!) Sometimes we managed to get through easily, sometimes it took 15 minutes to pass a river. Navigation was not easy, the roadbooks were always subject to last minute changes and some of the checkpoints were hidden very well. Most impressive were the brown coal mines, sometimes it looked like if you were riding in the middel east. The enormous military terrains are also a fantastic scenery. Every time we would pass a normal road, traffic was put to a stop by the local Police. The Breslau Rally is a truly professional organization. Here are some pictures: