Balkan Marathon Rally 2014

Sunday, August 30; our Ralltybikes are dropped off at EAO, our professional rally assistance organisation this year. This assistance truck carries 8 bikes, each participant may have two 80 liter rally boxes or one box and a bag plus an extra set of wheels. The truck leaves on Monday, September 1st  to Bulgaria and we fly in Thursday morning. The rally runs from Bulgaria to Macedonia and 8 days and 2500km off road. For the first time we will stay in hotels in stead of tents on the bivouac.




Balkan Marathon Rally 2014″ is a race through Bulgaria and Macedonia and is a true cross country rally. Slopes and beautiful mountain trails are part of this rally. High mountains and lots of forest are on the menu. Here is the route:
 map2014 (2)


As a consequence  of the bad weather in August the race has been changed and unfortunately some stages were cancelled. Whist these changes the rally was still quite good, high altitudes, grass slopes, stony and gravel high speed race tracks, wonderful. I was 4th overall before I got a flat rear tire which I had to change during a special stage. I couldn’t finish the stage and got a penalty.

At the end I was lucky to finish 3rd in my class, mainly because there were not that much riders in the >450cc category, but hey; podium is podium!



 The Aprilia was great in it’s first rally lots of power which enables me to keep up with the fastest riders on the straights. They can turn corners faster but I can catch up accelerating, really it works that way: 78 Bhp against 45 from the average 450 KTM. As long as my arms can keep up with it. One oil change and only one air filter. No dust at all, we’ve got rain almost every day..

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